Premium Accounts

Sign up for a premium account if your web page has more than 200,000 visits per month. The premium account is free with unlimited bandwidth and storage in exchange for ad revenue sharing. It also comes with a customizable LOS player, inclusion in the ad exchange network and 2MBPS encoding. To apply for a premium account, simply fill out the details below and send it to us.

To be able to qualify for a premium account, all content on your website should be thoroughly reviewed and regulated. It should not contain any indecent, pornographic or illicit content or content that endorses any illegal activity. It should not have plagiarized content or content that violates any intellectual property rights. It should not contain any .exe applications when loading the page. Any video content on autoplay is subject to approval. Lastly, your website should possess a privacy policy that will inform us of your standard privacy procedures. If you do not meet at least one of the mentioned requirements, kindly see our pricing solutions suited for your needs.

With premium accounts, you are also entitled to a faster customer support and an even stronger connection to the community of advertisers and publishers. Once approved, you can opt for a 30-day trial, risk-free, so you can experience the premium platform first-hand. If for any reasons you realize that the LOS premium account is not what you need, simply contact us and we will refund any payment made, no questions asked.

With the LOS premium account, your storage bonus is increased to 20GB per week and we will allow you to upload up to 1000GB total size of HD videos in a year with no duration limits. You will also be given top priority for video conversion speed. For playback functionality, it is unlimited up to your storage limit, and you get the advanced customization for the LOS player. Unlimited group sharing is also enabled, coupled with advanced privacy controls and stats. With a LOS account, you will be allowed to upload video content anytime with any video stream type.

The basic account is already great in itself, but with premium account, you get priority support, an even larger storage capacity, advanced security and privacy controls, better monetization and analytics, and other tools. Should you have any more questions about the perks of premium accounts, simply get in touch with our extremely friendly customer support staff.

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Websites must contain Copyright, Privacy, DMCA,
and original content disclosures.

No lewd, pornographic, offensive content

Websites that provides incentives when an ad is clicked
is strictly prohibited