We want you to reap the most benefits from our LOS Player features. That is why we are here to support and answer whatever questions you might have. Browse through the sections of the Frequently Asked Questions below to quickly find related answers.

Q: What is LOS Player?

A: LOS Player is a full-feature media player embedded in a website that runs on Flash and HTML5. It is responsive to all types of platforms, media formats and devices, from desktop to mobile devices and tablets.


Q: What are the features of LOS Player?

A: LOS Player has lightweight yet extensive features that are compatible with virtually all types of browsers and devices. It comes with free CDN hosting for a cost-efficient way to deliver videos. It seamlessly adjusts to various types of media formats and resolutions (SD, HD and Full-screen). It is easily customizable with built-in templates, skins and colors to choose from, allowing branding through the use of your own logo. You can monetize with VAST and VPAID ad placements from our partner networks.


Q: How do I get LOS Player?

A: LOS Player can be downloaded from your account page.


Q: How do I setup LOS Player?

A: LOS player supports video and audio formats, as well as YouTube videos and other streams. First you need to add the player library to the head of your HTML page. Afterwards, add the embed code to the body of your page. We will be providing you with the embed code when you sign up for an account. You can also host the player directly by downloading the self-hosted version of the player.


Q: Which streaming method does LOS Player support?

A: LOS Player is compatible with HLS and RTMP streaming.


Q: Does LOS Player have a hosting limit?

A: LOS premium partnership or pay-as-you-go plan can support a monthly streaming GBS of up to 3TB. For higher GBS, you may contact us for details.


Q: How do I purchase a licensed version of LOS Player?

A: Check out our pricing solutions page to see which type of payment plan works best for you. We will allow you to sign up for a trial account to assess if you need a per-bandwidth use plan or an unlimited use plan.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept payments through credit card and PayPal.


Q: Where can I report Player bugs?

A: If you have experienced a bug or a problem with the LOS Player, you can report it to us directly through email. We request that any report should be described in detail and with screenshots if applicable. This makes it easier for us to identify and fix the bug.