Skins-customizable with built-in templates, skins and colors to choose from, allowing branding through the use of your own logo

Watermarking-place a custom logo or watermark in the video display change the skin color of the player using existing design templates

Ads control point-Add custom ad points or cue points for ad placement, whether in pre-roll, midroll or post roll

Trailer with globe

Playlist-You can also customize your content by creating a playlist or channel

Toggle Control-HD toggle feature enables an easy switch from SD to HD as well as choosing a specific video resolution

Share Button-allow your viewers to share your videos with the share and embed button


Customize your player skin

You can customize the LOS Player to conform to your website theme using a wide array of ready templates, colors and options. Your videos can be shared by users in one click by using the share button or copying the embed code. Sync them directly to your YouTube channel and get views and following immediately.