"Cloud TV" is the New Future of TV!

Live Online Services ( http://liveonlineservices.com ) now offers a new Live TV service that runs on Cloud Technologies (remote systems).


"Cloud TV" option does not require any system and content to be hosted at client-side. The customers can simply login to the Cloud System via website to add their videos. The TV Playlist is programmed, run and distributed from the Cloud.

If clients have a low budget, then they can consider any option less than "Cloud TV", which will require systems and content to be hosted at their location, The TV Playlist is programmed and run from client's location.

Cloud TV is the future of TV which connects to endless platforms that capture viewers for your business. There is a lots of interest out there to start Entertainment TV, Sports TV, News TV, Communities TV, Education TV, Fashion TV, Product Selling TV, and many other industries.

The TV stations, for example, in your area will be definitely interested to take advantage of the "Cloud TV" because it is a cost-effective and cost-savings platform that could save 90% of their existing costs.

With Cloud TV, customers can also start a new TV and make money by adding to their TV new advertisements, sponsored shows, government supported programs, third-party ads, cross-platform promotions, privately funded programs, etc.

The Cloud TV is a big business opportunity for existing and new TV customers. Live Online Services makes TV operations very, very easy through the Cloud TV platforms.

The Live TV industry is exploding. You cannot go wrong to switch over or start a new TV through Live Online Service Cloud TV services. Live Online Services makes it very affordable and very easy to operate through Cloud Systems.

It's been never a great time to start a new TV channel business!

Live Online Services will connect your TV with your Facebook, YouTube, Website, Mobile Apps, Devices and other accounts. Live Online Services can even connect to your local Cable, Satellite and TV Boxes services.


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