Cloud TV Owners Can Broadcast Live TV Programs and Show Video-On-Demand (VOD) Anywhere, Including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Web, Mobile, ROKU, FIRE, APPLE TV & Many Other Platforms

Are you still viewing or operating TV channels that viewers can’t view past episodes, Programs and content of their favorite channel again?

Have you tried watching those contents you missed from outside your state, location or country but can’t?

It’s almost impossible to get contents to be aired just when the viewers and producers want them.
You usually will have to miss that favorite episode, movie, program or clash with other programs timing etc.

With Live Cloud TV, that isn’t the case. Programs and content are run on cloud system that is stored virtually.

All you have to do is log in to the website from anywhere in the world, add content and watch live contents at your convenient time. It doesn’t matter if 8:00pm is crowded in conventional TV, your program will be aired.

Live Cloud TV is the future of TV viewing and advertising for broadcasters. The possibilities are endless for anyone hoping to start a Sports TV, an Entertainment TV, educational TV and much more.
With their own TV, customers can represent their interest, communities, agenda, etc.

TV owners can broadcast Live TV programs and show Video-On-Demand (VOD) for viewers in local and global markets.

Also, with Live Cloud TV, you can make money by adding news advert to your sponsored shows, third-party ads, government supported programs, cross-platform promotions, privately funded programs and many more.

Some key features of Cloud TV for users include;
• The ability of customers to view contents at any time they want Live. Viewers can watch TV from many platforms, including website, mobile apps, ROKU, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, Set-up boxes, cable, satellite, etc.
• To share those contents via social media and other platforms
• Gather more people to watch the same program as you are doing.

Key features of Live Cloud TV for customers
• Easy advert placement and integration
• Banner role, broadcast live video, radio transmission.
• content monetization, mobile streaming, and advanced security systems in case of hacking.
Will you allow this fantastic opportunity to be a stakeholder in the future of live TV slip by?
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Will you allow this fantastic opportunity to be a stakeholder in the future of live TV slip by?

Check us out on