Online Video Streaming Services for Entertainment

More and more people are turning to the internet for their entertainment cravings. These include movies, TV series, music videos, and more. If there’s an apparent trend, it can be said the people are no longer into cable TV as they were once used to. Due to the increase in demand, video streaming providers are also on the rise. So how do you choose the best one for you? I will depend mainly on your interests and budget limit. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular entertainment video services to help you decide.


Without a doubt the largest video streaming service over the web, even your friends can upload or share YouTube videos on their Facebook timelines. Market research also showed that 60% of users in the US visit YouTube at least once a week. The content is not limited to movies, but can be anything that anyone can think of; from cover performances, cute pet behaviors, to fitness workouts and styling and make-up how-tos. It is free to use because it monetizes through online ads.


Netflix is the most well-known and most top-grossing when it comes to viewing movies and TV shows. With more than 33 million subscribers, it has gained popularity because of its diverse and full content. You can choose to watch current TV shows or have a throwback with Friends or Ally McBeal episodes. A Netflix account can be shared with five users and subscription costs $8 per month. It can be accessed across all platforms – desktop, mobile, tablets and game consoles.


Music videos are still an effective way to catch attention when an artist releases a new single or album. Nowadays, they are mostly seen on YouTube instead of MTV. And now Vevo has taken on the tradition by showing the latest music videos from varied genre. They also feature behind-the-scenes and concert coverage, artist interviews, and playlists. Vevo is also free and accessible on desktop and mobile devices.


Twitch is the favorite streaming server for video game enthusiasts as they can see what other players see when in a game.It’s not only for entertainment, but also for getting tips and tricks on playing the game. With over 43 million viewers each month, you can stream games such as “Grand Theft Auto” or “League of Legends”. Twitch is free to watch and to upload your own game sessions.